ON RESISTANCE Radio Collective deconstructs on KFPK 90.7 FM this Friday, 7pm.

The first twenty minutes we’ll be introducing the ORRC and why we resist, followed by a twenty minute ‘stacked’ discussion on the effects of systematic patriarchy and direct action.  CALL IN: 818-985-5735

We are all comrades who met through various forms of direct action and believe in collaborative justice. This is just a pilot, but depending on how it goes we hope to grow a wider conversation with different revolutionary groups on various topics and the growing resistance in DTLA and throughout the world.Stack” is the process we use to facilitate open dialogue amongst peers who want to share their ideas/perspective. We acknowledge that some voices, because of privilege are given more power than others in many social, political and economic situations.
Please email onresistance@gmail.com or submit ideas here to get involved and share content in varying mediums to help create the alternative media necessary to build the ongoing revolution.

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  1. Holy crap you guys are out there. Thank you for 30 minutes of entertainment as I drove to the airport Sunday morning. As much as you all hate work, capitalism, and white men, you did nothing but contradict every point you were trying to make…except the hate of the successful white man. Learn to have a conversation without saying “like” every 3-5 seconds. No wonder you hate work…you can’t get a job. Employers, or “the man” will not hire you for more than an entry level position due to your poor communication skills. You put more value in “creativeness” than hard work. What’s wrong with working 40+ hours a week to support your family. You speak of “the collective” and commune style living. You have no idea how much ” work” it takes to take grow your own food and be self sufficient. It takes well more than 40 hours of work to grow your own crops, raise and butcher your meat, obtain water, and maintain it all. Keep preaching your coexistence load of crap. Keep telling me I’m what’s wrong with the works because I like having my own house, a car, and enjoy not sleeping in a room with 15 other idealists who haven’t showered in 3 weeks and want me to share my granola because it’s as much theirs as mine because we are all humans. Let me know where it gets you in the next 60 years…I’m pretty sure I know where you’ll be. And what the hell was up with the “poem” at the end of the show? That was some crazy shit! “Liberating” medication…like it was some black slave in the 1820’s! Try not stealing shit and you won’t be in jail…that’s novel isn’t it? But then you would be “conforming”! No, you would be living in society as a productive member, not a free loading, entitled doushe nozzle. You people are a joke…and have no comprehension of the real world. I’m sure you think radical Muslims just love don’t want to kill us, but are just made because the west and the Jews are not living a sustainable lifestyle. So, when will your next show be on?

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