OCCUPY LA: Scenes From The New Revolution//PT-1: A Year Of Dissent

Scenes From The new Revolution is a 5-part doc series that I wrote/directed and produced/forTakePart; the on-line aspect of  Participant Media.

I spent 7 weeks in a tent at City Hall shooting as the ideological mercury congealed on the steps of just outside the Mayor’s office attracting an endless chorus of relevant causes. The series that digs deep into the meaning of the movement through the voice of the people were there.

The largely dismissed, mostly misinterpreted orphan child of the Occupy Movement in Los Angeles became the largest and one of the longest standing major US Occupations.

I got an education about the issues and got to meet the people behind the Movement in LA.

OCCUPY LA: Scenes From The New Revolution

Scenes from the New Revolution is a five-part documentary series written and directed by journalist Sam Slovick, whose research into Occupy Wall Street led to his living in a tent at City Hall in Los Angeles alongside the 99% Movement for the better part of two months.

Slovick accessed Occupy Los Angeles at ground level, illuminating stories and faces that were either overlooked or misrepresented by the mainstream media. Told from the epicenter of the year’s biggest story, Slovick articulates the global movement through interviews with its activests, footage from the inner sanctum, and stories from its foot soldiers, bringing the sometimes chaotic picture of Occupy Wall Street in Los Angeles into focus.

Scenes From The New Revolution was produced with the help of Slake, a highly-acclaimed literary journal based in Los Angeles. A companion piece to the series will appear in the journal’s fourth issue.

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  1. David Graeber’s last line about saying To hell with it, I’m going to spend this money on my kids’ euaidtcon, You’re a bad person really hit me where I live. I’ve stopped paying the mortgage on my (crappy) house because I couldn’t afford it and my sons’ college tuition and expenses. I figure that if foreclosure is delayed long enough, at least THEIR debt burden will be lower than it would be if I had not contributed to their payments.Fuck the banks. Lending is an inherently risky proposition, and the fraudsters lost on this one.

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