LA TIMES shows at CCA Siege

Last week the LA Times sent two 20-somethings to the CCA Siege to do some chalk-talk and take pictures.  You can read the story online. It’s just above this sexy story: Jessica Simpson, that cleavage looks like a (few) million bucks


Oddly, Kate Linthicum‘s piece is one of the few sort-of-almost-meaningful pieces they’ve done on Occupy since Steve Lopez jumped in with his infamously cantancorus “endless slumber party” piece.


Documentary filmmaker Sam Slovick, who was shooting at the camp that night, said the media have sensationalized the movement’s “outliers,” the hangers-on and the rabble rousers.

I’d never refer to the foot soldiers of the new revolution as “hangers-on or rabble rousers.” They are some of the most courageous people I’ve ever met. I’m constantly amazed and inspired by them. They are victims of capitalism whose mental health issues and trans generational poverty have been criminalized. They embody the essential issues that propels the movement. They and are under constant attack from law enforcement on the streets of LA. Thats how the CCA Siege started. It was an LACAN action that was supported up by Occupy LA (Occupy The Hood/Occupy Skid Row).

It’s nice that the Times could make it down to the Siege which has been up and running for almost 2 consecutive months, the LAPD making arrests through out. I’ve seen 2 other times writers at Occupy LA in the past few days. Nothing like a little chalk inspired national riot coverage to get the “journalists” to the scene.

LA could actually be the center of a new free-speech debate.



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