LA Art Walk Riot 7/12/2012 (VIDEO)

Here’s two videos that I shot last week in LA; Charlie and Adrian talk about getting shot by the cops and show their wounds. You see cops shooting into the crowd.

photo by Patty Beers

LAPD arrest of Occupy LA “chalkers” is part ongoing suppression campaign that has been escalating since the onset of the 6 week old, nightly CCA protest in downtown Los Angeles.

Police arrested Occupiers at downtown LA Thursday, August 9. The crowd on the street for ArtWalk reacted, threw bottles and called out the cops. The reacted and brought out the shotguns.

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  1. Georgia. If only the venues would reopsnd to my early in the month request for ArtWalk information I would have a newsletter to send “WELL in advance”Sadly we do not live in a perfect world but I’ll see if I can’t ramp up the pressure on venues a tad to get the newsletter out earlier.

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