HOME: Daybi No Doubt

HOME is a short form documentary about Daybi.

I met Daybi in New York at a party for RCA records circa ’97. Young, wild and exceptionally gifted, the Aboriginal rapper / musician from Canada was working gold fronts and functional defiance. We hung out with ODB and at some point I might have seen the president of the label kiss him. He had a lot of magnitism fueled by the omnipotence of youth.

These days, the wild child rapper from Vancouver has found transcendence in fatherhood emerging as a prolific performer/producer/filmmaker not far from where the journey started. Now residing in Kahnawà:ke, a Mohawk reserve on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada, a stones throw from Montreal, Daybi is clearly just getting started now that he’s found Home. I’m always expecting big things from him. He’s had a few films at Sundance and toured extensively with his hip hop collective, Slangblossem, so who knows what’s coming next.

Here’s a mini documentary by filmaker Mathieu Favreau about Daybi that gets to the heart of the matter.



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