Skid Row Police Killing (VIDEO)

Things are moving fast in a heavily networked, post-Occupy Los Angeles.
Anthony Blackburn uploaded a video of police shooting and killing of a man on skid row yesterday, March 1st, a few hours after it happened. It went viral with 14,135,798 Views, 83,725 likes and 42.200, 322,700 shares since.
skid row
KTLA reported: Officers were dispatched to the area of East Sixth Street and South San Pedro Street (map) about 11:36 a.m. after a report of an altercation between two people, said Officer Jack Richter, spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department. After the officers arrived a struggle ensued, during which police tazed a man, the LAPD said. The man was then shot by police, the department said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

 Los Angeles Peoples Media quickly posted an emergency call to action in Pershing Square shortly after, and created an Facebook event scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30 am at Police Headquarters.

No one knows how many people are killed by cops in the US annually because there is no standardized reporting or national data base that records them. The DOJ and FBI don’t keep comply those records.

The FBI’s data on “justifiable homicides” by law enforcement number is usually about 400 annually  self-reported information from about 750 law enforcement agencies. The victims are mostly men, mostly black and brown citizens.

With rare exception law enforcement investigates themselves to determine wether or not police killings are justifiable.

Some new databases are in the works that reach beyond law enforcement like Fatal Encounters. This is an area I’ve been researching since 2005 for a bunch of stories and I’m guessing that we’re going to see the real numbers of police killings in 2015 and it will be in excess of 1,500 all told.

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