It Started With A Kiss

Here’s ex-LA Weekly  editor Joe Donnelly giving me some love in print;


It Started With a Kiss: Finding Shelter Among the Stray Cats

What news of a murdered girlfriend triggers

A A AComments (1)By Joe Donnelly Wednesday, Dec 3 2008

Contributor 1996-2002 Deputy editor 2002-2008


excerpt: In my time as deputy editor of L.A. Weekly, I tried to do the same — to open the paper to a new generation of writers hoping to share their own weird voices with the city. New talent is the lifeblood of any paper that hopes to be as dynamic and vital as L.A. Weekly aspires to be, and theWeekly was, at the time, overdue for some new blood. So many examples come to mind, but if I had to hold one up as symbolic, it would have to be Sam Slovick and his three-part cover series on the challenges posed by Skid Row in the context of the new downtown Los Angeles. Published between December 2005 and August 2006, the pieces were sprawling, epic investigations of the pressures of life in the middle of what police chief William Bratton called “the worst social problem in America.” Slovick told his stories from the perspectives of the police, politicians and mostly the elderly and the young trying to carve out some dignity, hope and balance in an unforgiving environment.

read the entire store here: LA Weekly

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