Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series (VIDEO)

Jai Uttal is navigating a field of grace, leaving a river of smiles in his wake as a general course of action, he has cleaved his legacy in devotion over the last five decades. Over these years, he has been chanting in small rooms and on big stages at festivals around the world, raising our vibration one mantra at a time.

An expasion of the work I’ve done in LA Yoga Magazine over the last decade or so, Kirtan Road Dogs is an Original Series by Collective 

A spiritual/visual/musical Original Series that opens a window into the lifestyles and devotional practices of touring sacred-singers. 

It’s also a  Feature Documentary Film set to a backdrop of global music festivals. It’s a back-stage pass to a sound healing and the inner sanctum of deep devotion. Kirtan Road Dogs is rasing the vibration one chant at a time, in this critical time… of limitless possibility

Each episode is a video, photo gallery and story. I’m basically hanging out at load-in, sound check and the gig naviga some time for an interview. I’ve known most of the kirtan singers for over a decade or more, who there Gurus are, what there’re up to and something about the path, so it’s to know where to look for the download.

Here’s Episodes (1, 2 & 3 below) feature Deva Premal, MC Yogi and Jai Uttal

*Up next; Donna DeLory, then the Kirtaniyas!!!

Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series #3 ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA! feat. Jai Uttal

Full Story in LA YogaMagazine

Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series #2 – Spiritual Graffiti feat. MC YOGI 

Full Story in LA YogaMagazine

Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series #1 – Temple at Midnight feat. Deva Premal, Miten & Manose 

Full Story in LA YogaMagazine


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