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Occupy LA – 10.30.2011

The demonstration has been incredibly peaceful with few exceptions. Beyond the tribal drums pounding through the night, the predicable chaos is limited as the ideological mercury congeals on the steps of City Hall in Los Angeles. Considerably more focused than widely reported, the embryonic movement is defining itself with specificity.

These two guys are NOT part of the camp and represent another piece of the puzzle. Though decidedly anomalistic, they are part of the whole on the streets of downtown Los Angeles near City Hall.This is the only incident like this I’ve seen since I moved to the south lawn at City Hall and started posting to PAVEMENT transmedia series daily.

The two men shed their clothes and run through the streets performing a semi coherent rant centering involving Jesus, the Garden of Eden and physical shame around nudity. The blond guy identifies the other as his son, presumably Jesus Christ. Following that logic, he is God. They were both arrested by the LAPD who have taken a tolerant stance with the protesters at Occupy L.A. The rumor is that they will disperse the occupiers after the 31st. Commander Andrew Smith from the LAPD /PIO told me that the police have no plan and no intention to do anything to in the near future to disperse the Occupy LA demonstration at this time
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