PAVEMENT Occupies LA 11.5.2011

PAVEMENT Occupies LA 11.5.2011

99% LOVE

I haven’t seen Doughnut for days. The18 year old wonderer from Long Beach with asymmetrical died bangs and a purple sweater that looks like something your Armenian grandmother might wear to the grocery store has virtually vanished. A fixture on the south lawn of City Hall, he was lasting seen a few days ago with a small vile of hash oil and a porn star. Let’s face it; he was never here for the cause anyway. He was just looking some kind of love drug and a hippy party.

Occupy LA itself is a slow acting love drug. Like ecstasy with coke and a little Demerol in the mix, she’s comes on slow and then opens you up like a randy teenage virgin in a black out at 60’s peace rally before she mule kicks you goodnight. The morning aftermath is another story all together.


The rain is pouring down on Occupy LA but it only serves to fuel the fire. Night has come but there’s no reason to be afraid; things grow in the dark. The harder it rains the harder the drumbeats. The stronger the wind blows the louder the chant.

The Arab Spring has sprung on the south lawn just outside the Mayor’s office where the soldiers of the second American Revolution are ideologically locked and loaded, anxiously anticipating their impending LAPD eviction notice. True, it’s been a very sexy honeymoon thus far but everyone knows that the love fest can’t go on forever. The cops are coming. The only question is when and how.

I haven’t seen a mirror in days. I’m not exactly sure who people are looking at when I talk to them. The judgment I wrestled with at first impact with the post-apocalyptic rave sect eclipsed my view of the functional infrastructure of the revolution.

I found at least 99% love for the finger waving people of the revolution in a festering portal pottie on Spring and 1st Street. Though short stacked on social skills, the geeks who are inheriting the earth are on the case at the up rise downtown. Who else is gonna dig the trenches of change? The rainbow family of the economic revolution is on the job at Tony V’s pad and they’re not budging.

This is place of cultural violence and bad breath; Patrician manners vanished, this is the pavement. This is the voice of the people choking up a shit sandwich that was shoved down their throats before they born and ramming up the Mayor’s ass with no lube. The anarchists, the advocates, the activists, the militants, the socialists, the homeless, the travelers and wonderers, the economists I crossed a line sometimes incomprehensible chorus of causes; police brutality, homelessness, indigenous rights, government corruption, corporate greed, the economy and the banks, the banks, the banks

Today at 10am Occupy LA will march from City Hall to the financial district to raise awareness for Bank Transfer Day:

Today, November 5th, they are encouraging everyone to take their money out of big banks and invest in credit unions.

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