PAVEMENT: Life After Life


I met Bill from a friend of mine who was in prison with him. He said Bill changed his life. He’d been out for a couple days after serving 26 years of a life sentence when I met him and did this story.

excerpt: Bill willed himself into manhood. Set his intention and chiseled away, etching out his character for 26 years. He never received a 115 (violation for rule infraction) the entire time. It’s a rare distinction. He also got some training; he’s a draftsman and a graphic designer with some collage under his belt. “I maintained myself that way. I kept my youth. I’ve still got a young heart. I’ve got young mind. Not a young mind to get in trouble,” he says.

Shot by Luigi Ventura:
Cut by Marija Coneva:
Music by Chris Joyner:

read the story here:

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