PAVEMENT: In a Glass House

I heard about TEAMS ll from a LAPD Commander when I was working on an LA Weekly cover story I did called Super Dope Cops. It focused on a skid row undercover narcotics detective, Rick Kellogg who committed suicide right after the photo shoot for the piece. TEAMS II is the software they LAPD uses to police itself as one of the dictates of the post Rampart, DOJ Concent Decree.

Maggie Goodrich_ Photo by Luigi Ventura

excerpt:  Apparently not everyone is celebrating, however. Attacks on cops are up 13 percent, with 273 so far in 2011. Officer-involved shootings have more than doubled to 25, up from 12 during the same period in 2010. One analysis suggests the reduction in crime has come at a bloody cost. The numbers beg the eternal question: Who is policing the police? The answer can be found at the Information Technology Division on the eighth floor of the Police Administration Building at 100 W. 1st St. No one here is surprised to hear “Ave Maria” in a hushed soprano emanating from Maggie Goodrich’s office. Before she became chief technology officer of LAPD’s Information Technology Division, she was a music major at USC.

read the story here:

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