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SLAKE is a new literary journal out of Los Angeles that has recently resuscitated a form that was essentially left for dead in these parts.

Slake accesses the best writers in LA. featuring writing, design, editing, art, photography, deeply reported narrative journalism, literary essay, memoir, interviews, fiction and poetry.

I have a piece on Occupy LA in the next issue: Dirt

click here to kickstart SLAKE

Slake: Los Angeles is a new kind of city publication that is quickly becoming known nationwide for the quality of its writing, design, editing, art and photography. We publish Slake in book form to give readers a collectible, physical alternative to the glut of instant-reaction journalism and unfiltered opinion on the web and in budget-strained newspapers and magazines. We are devoted to the endangered art of deeply reported narrative journalism, literary essay, memoir, interviews, fiction, poetry, art, and photography with a sense of place. That place is Los Angeles, but our writers travel the country and the world with an Angeleno perspective. Our goal is to create a next-generation template for print and, soon, a daily website with narrative at the core of its coverage.


Sounds great, so why do you need Kickstarter and what will you do with the money?

We are deep into the editing and design process for our fourth installment ofSlake—we’re calling it the Dirt Issue. That means everything from a narrative investigation into how Los Angeles County dumps its sediment to stories of sex and dirty secrets of all kinds, plus interviews with New Yorker writer and L.A. native William Finnegan as well as painter Walton Ford on Hollywood legend King Kong. To get all of these stories into your hands, we will apply $25,000 in Kickstarter funds toward the three biggest costs of publishing Issue 4: printer fees, design costs and modest contributor fees. Even with limited resources, and no institutional backing, we feel strongly that writers and artists should not give their work away.

Any funds above our $25,000 goal will provide a financial bridge to our continued sustainability. Slake has been independently funded and financed by its founders (who, alas, are not part of the 1 percent and have tapped their financing capacity). Now, as Slake arrives at that crucial stage where it’s making a deep impression with readers, a modest infusion of funds will help us grow continue our quest toward growth and stability.


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