MySpace ‘On Skid Row’

Willie Brown recently attributed the homeless situation in San Francisco to the same thing he attributed it to decades ago when he was mayor; a perpetual bureaucratic obsolescence that serves some and underserves others, to paraphrase.  

The dismantling of the homeless industrial complex is a vision come and gone. The bureaucracies, individual interests, some nonprofit advocates and big government contractors are dug in like an Alabama tic. 

LA Weekly Skid Row series 

I was on a yacht in St-Barths when MySpace started blasting “On Skid Row” on their landing page. I was just beginning to wrap my head around social justice journalism. Now it’s been almost two decades since I wrote my first Skid Row story. This LA Weekly series was my introduction, the doc series I followed up with was further education. I was living on the 6th floor of a loft building on Skid Row in 2004.


I followed up with “On Skid Row”  a 5-part doc series for Good Magazine.

Rise of the American Favela

I’ve been writing about immigrations since 2018, but find myself back on Skid Row again. Rise of the American Favela is a story of self agency. It’s my most recent piece on Skid Row. 

Rise of the American Favela


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