Ganjika [video]

Ganja (Sanskrit: Ganjika) is a master plant. A plant with a sentient spirit in the lexicon of Vegetalizmo (sacred herbalism of the Amazon). It’s also an ancient Shivic sacrament.

Om Shiva Shankara hari hari Ganjika

Ganja (Sanskrit: Ganjika) is a master plant with Vedic roots. A plant with a sentient spirit, called Cañamo in the lexicon of Vegetalizmo (sacred herbalism of the Amazon), it’s also an ancient Shivic sacrament.

Shiva, the giver of joy, received this medicine from Shakti (matter) who saw Shiva (consciousness) in anguish, gave him Ganja and he fell into deep meditation.

5 months

Reputedly sticky, a sometimes territorial spirit who doesn’t interact well with some other plants, but the truth is the opposite. Ganja is an illuminated guide, here to help.

Like Toa (Belladonna), San Pedro, Sage, Juniper, Rose, Peyote and Sweetgrass, Ganjika is local Indigenous Medicine. Consciously bond with this plant ally now and she will eternally entwine with your Immortal Soul.

Ganjika is a conduit to the Infinite. Contemplative, insightful, an inspired psyco-purgative and creative accelerant that pushes repressed information into consciousness where it’s processed in the vapor state (emotion), clearing space for focused creative purpose. 

Lord Shiva

If you let her, she will whip you around like a leaf in the wind. Discernment is imperative to stay grounded; ritualize, spiritualize, dedicate the fruits of this Ganja and chant to Shiva – Om Shiva Shankara hari hari Ganjika.

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Intention is everything. Ganjika is here to serve in this critical time of limitless possibility. And though the US government and other sinister forces align to commodify Ganjika and employ her powers as a tool of dominance, it won’t work. They’re out numbered. Proliferation is one of her super powers. It’s like trying to dominate Shiva. 


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