Just Do It!™ (with predictive analytics)

I’m a hardcore basketball fan (when the Lakers are in the playoffs), but these capitalists over at the Nike PR Institute of Predictive Analytics© are going too hard in the paint. 

I love Colin Kaepernick I want to be like him. I hope this ad campaign serves him and his message in a very good way. I’m going to vote for him in 2020. I have a good feeling about President Kaepernick and the entire Kaepernick Administration. He will surely drain the swamp. Seriously, Colin Kaepernick is an inspired and inspiring human being.

I’m a hardcore basketball fan (when the Lakers are in the playoffs), but these capitalists over at the Nike™ PR Institute of Predictive Analytics© are going too hard in the paint. 

Is it just me or is it a little disingenuous to spark a massive debate about free speech with a couple of feel-good uprise Meme’s and forget about the #WRC? This is a multinational company; largest sports retailer with an abysmal human rights legacy.

These people are clocking what’s pre-trending in the collective conscience with extreme precision. Profit mongering in developing nations with dehumanizing sweatshops, but serving the cause of social justice here in the US? 

WTF? Who wrote this Hollywood blockbuster? I‘d cast Brad Pitt as Mark Parker, the conflicted colonizing CEO who outsourced his Soul to the Devil in a sweatshop in Viet Nam. Halle Berry costars as the activest lawyer who takes him down. Tom Hanks directs.

I wouldn’t pay to see it, but who cares? I don’t care, do you Melina? I’m going for detached indifference in this critical time of infinite possibility. And while I’m doing that, people are grinding it out in a 3rd-world sneaker-factory sweat shop for thier survival, punching the clock for Nike.

Silence seems complicitius. Still, Nike™, however sinistar ($1.14 billion current profits), are promoting social justice. Yes, it’s an decidedly calculated double bind. 

An unintentionally semisophisticated marketing campaign, possibly coming directly from their “thumb-on-the-pulse” internal PR team, or impossibly the brain child of the Nike™ PR Institute of Predictive Analytics©, which is something I made up, but probably not from Nike Communications™, their luxry branding PR company©.

Nike™ has me over a barrel. If I say something about how they’re heartless colonizing capitolists, then it’s somehow implied that I’m somehow not aligned with CK’s message. I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused. 

So yes, they injected a social justice message into the feed and that’s great. They know what’s coming next because they got the money to have predictive analytics up the ass, and brand it so hard that they have kidnapped your future mind. Kidnapped Kaepernick in your future mind’s sneaker desires, but it won’t work, because… and let me prophesize here for minute… I promise, this will find its way into your feed in the next 30 days. 

(*Hint- Big Word about toxic feminity that we’re not supposed to talk about or we’re possibly mysognist, uncounscious and ignorant.)

But seriously, Misandry. Watch your feed. The initial blowback will spew from the Hollywood portal of cognitive dissonance, then spread out exponentially. It’s already begun. Asia Argento (though I have any idea what that’s all about) puts misandry in the news feed. After that, watch for the resurgence of the mythopoetic men’s movement; some kind of Robert Bly reboot with a dash of new age resistance. A figurehead will emerge. Simutaniously, Capitalism implodes as a big orange cartoon, women climb out the sink hole first, take over and decentralize the government. After that, when you think you have seen the unimaginable, the unfathomable, a catastrophic, apocalyptic an awakening jolts you into the reality that you need to urgently respond to this link to claim your valuable property at (Subscribe Now!

Misandry is septic. It’s not making the world a better place. It’s making the world a toxic place. Add add a little homophonia to your hateful goulash, simmer for decades, and you’ve cooked up a hate-crime stew. Misandry is poison soup and the only known antidote is love. No way around it.

But let me quote Dr. Deepak Chopra from this cool video interview I did with him where he’s trying to dismantle Wikipedia because people are calling him “woo woo”.

He said, “You can’t get rid of a paridigm by attacking it, but you can make it obsolete.”  


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