Reggie RiverBear – Peace Above Me

Reggie RiverBear singing Peace Above Me. She’s inspired here by Lyrics from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry’s “Peace Prayer” & the Native American Beauty Way Prayer. 

I heard she has a new record coming soon. Baited breath 🙂 

Find her at River Bear Medicine  Songs and Stories from the Heart of the Universe

Peace Above Me Peace Below Me Peace Before Me Peace Behind Me Peace to my Left Peace to my Right Peace in Me Peace in my Surroundings Peace to All Peace to the Universe Love Above Me Love Below Me Love Before Me Love Behind Me Love to my Left Love to my Right Love in Me Love in my Surroundings Love to All Love to the Universe Light Above Me Light Below Me Light Before Me Light Behind Me Light to my Left Light to my Right Light in Me Light in my Surroundings Light to All Light to the Universe – Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti Om

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