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Sam Slovick bio

“Then I called Mark, the kid from the Pedantiks and we arranged to meet at Texarkana. He said he was bringing the guy Sam from his group. Anyway during dinner we talked about rock, I guess…. Sam’s teeth are bad and he looks grey, but I guess rock and roll isn’t healthy and these kids and they do start to look like that” Andy Warhol; Warhol Diaries. Sunday, September 25th, 1983.

Sam Slovick has had a decidedly eclectic career as writer, photographer, actor, major label recording artist, journalist and documentary director/producer.

He has been published extensively in a variety of national and international publications including Details, Vibe, Interview, Giant, Good, Tar, L.A. Weekly, Neon, Nylon, SLAKE, The Face, The Advocate, Curve, and Angelino,

Slovick initially made a splash as a self-styled club kid in the 80’s in New York. A native of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Sam received his formal writing education on the street and under the tutelage of established writers and artists including Andy Warhol.

He has appeared in numerous television shows and films including Jodi Foster’s Home for the Holidays, The Cosby Show and Fame in addition to John Milieus’ epic feature Red Dawn.

As a singer/(BMG) songwriter his major label releases include Elektra/Asylum and RCA. His band Louie Says (RCA records) with Clark Stiles (The Good Listeners) features songs that have appeared in several films and television series including Dawson’s Creek, Buffy and the Vampire Slayer, and Baywatch. As front man for the critically acclaimed pop band, The Pedantiks, Slovick performed regularly at CBGB’s, Studio 54, Danceteria and Area sharing the stage with everyone from Souxiee and the Banshees to Duran Duran and The Beastie Boys. He recently released, Freeloader Jamboree on the Centerline Records/Axis Mundi Label in 2008.

An accidental journalist, he found his calling in the late 90’s when he interviewed friend Robert Downey Jr. for a Details Magazine cover story. His ability to access subjects at the street level has garnered him wide acclaim.

World Hunger Year/Harry Chapin & MAGGY award finalist in journalism for LA Weekly’s Skid Row series, Slovick has made the obvious evolution to documentary director /writer / producer with “On Skid Row” (Good Magazine), Scenes From The New Revolution (TakePart/Participant). His feature documentary on political resistance in the US will be released in 2013.



Scenes From The New Revolution (TakePart/Participant)

On Skid Row Series (Good Magazine)

Pavement Transmedia Series (LA Weekly)


Big Tent Theory (Slake)

Coming of Age In The Mouth Of Madness (LA Weekly)

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