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Sam Slovick has been, or is, a writer, photographer, actor, recording artist, freelance journalist and indie documentary director/shooter/producer. His stories, photos, video series and docs have been distributed in a variety of ways including theatrical, indie-online and print media like Details, Vibe, Interview, LA Times, Los Angeles Magazine LA Weekly,LA Yoga Magazine, Mission & State, Huffington Post, SLAKE, Giant, Good, Tar, Neon, Nylon, The Face, The Advocate, Curve, Angelino, HappsNews and some others.

His first feature documentary  release, Radicalized (2016) has been called the definitive voice-of-a-generation millennial protest film. His next doc, Tear Down Babylon  is slated for a 2019 release. His videography and written work in the Yoga and Devotional realms over the last decade have established his voice in the terrain.

Initially making a splash as a singer/songwriter in bands in the 80’s New York club scene, he received an unconventional education under the tutelage of established writers and artists like Andy Warhol in lieu of formal education. 

His (BMG) major label releases include Louie Says (RCA records) featured in films and TV. He’s appeared in television shows and films including Jodi Foster’s Home for the Holidays and John Milieus’ Red Dawn.

As a journalist, his ability to access subjects and deliver stories has garnered credibility, enabeling his transition to director with original series, On Skid Row (Reason Pictures) and Scenes From The New Revolution (Participant Media). His long form on the 2010 encampment at City Hall in L.A. for SLAKE, Big Tent Theory, has emerged as a defining piece on the Occupy movement. Recent long form journalism for Mission & State and other work posted on collectivemedia.la are representative works.