Kirtan Road Dogs EP #3 – ROOTS,ROCK,RAMA! Feat. Jai Uttal

I’ve been altered by Jai Uttal. Elevated. Transformed even. His mantra recording are on every playlist I’ve made for years. His latest release, ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA! is no exception. I caught up with him in Portland.

Here’s my LA Yoga Magazine piece on Jai. 

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“It’s what I’ve been given and told to do to help in the world”


 Benjy Wortheimer, Daniel Paul, Jai Uttal, Heather Wortheimer

Video by

Prod/Shot/Edit – Sam Slovick
Live Sound/B-Cam – Lloyd Limmerman

Raga Rocksteady (ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA! 2017 Mantralogy)
Primordial Swamp Beat ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA! 2017 Mantralogy)
S.R.I. R.A.M. (Supersonic Rescue Intervention Radiant Atomic Mantra) ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA! 2017 Mantralogy)

Kirtan Road Dogs is an Original Series and a Feature Documentary (2018) by CollectiveMedia.LA

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