McCain, MD 20-20, LSD, Genocide, Slavery and State Sanctioned Killing.

*Note: Our policies have changed. By ready this you acknowledge that over educated white middle class people are not going to reform the current system into a “healthy capitalism”, and that you are in fact, an anticapitalist.

Are we done talking about John McCain yet? God bless his Immortal Soul. He was a very destructive force here on Turtle Island.

Let’s talk about this for a minute. What were you doing at 15? I was blackout drinking Mad Dog 20-20 and overdosing on LSD at a peace protest in a full leg cast in Wisconsin. Discernment wasn’t in my lexicon. Things hadn’t really evened out by 34. My middle-class-white-lights didn’t go on till my 50’s at Occupy, because I hadn’t acknowledge that everything I’d acquired in this country was essentially gained off the backs of poc in one way or another, and that they we’re mostly, though not completely, shut out. I was really just navel gazing and plotting my career ascension.

US Cops killed 1000 people in 2017. (15-34 year old black men nine times more likely to be killed by cops). The real numbers are much higher. That is a fact in reality that I came to understand after researching police killing as part of my job for 15 years. Much, much higher. 

This is not about my opinion, law enforcement, good people or bad people or new paradigms in modern policing. It’s not about how I feel about them personally because if someone robbed me I’d call them for help and be grateful when they showed up, which they would in this predominately white neighborhood. This is not about judging or vilyifing people who work in law enforcement to pay thier mortgages and buy sneakers for thier kids. It’s about a culture of killing.

Downtown Los Angeles 

This is state sanctioned killing of poc that is in the policy of local law enforcement agencies. Policies from Nixon and Regan but really, it’s about a country that will never work until reparations for the ongoing Indigenous Genocide and Slavery are made. Think of it as Spiritual physics. No one gets away with anything in this world of karmic returns. 

I have no way of knowing what it’s like to have your children killed by the police. I’ve only been in this field of grief with a camera. I can’t imagine that experience. Money is probably an empty place where you child used to be, still, massive land and monetary reparations (1/2 of all US continental land and 50% of the GNP retroactive to 1800) diverted to poc in one decisive act of wealth reimbursement would begin to shift they dynamic in a good way.

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Downtown Los Angeles

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Police killing poc with impunity under the protections afforded by the Policeman’s Bill of Rights, powerful unions and corrupt DC lobby are symptomatic of the disease; a multinaltion corperate branding stratagem some still call Capitolism.

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Whatever it was, Capitolism is no longer an economic system.  It’s a the brand-face of a paridigym of dominantion. The specific overiding paradigm of the Capitolist brand is expolitation and the exploited humans are disproportionally people of color, and of course, the planet.

Mapping Police ViolenceFatal Encounters Colorlines, the Guardian and some very mainstream news media conglomerates are counting.

Downtown Los Angeles

Here’s a piece in the Guardian that illustraits how demented this is.

Where are the real numbers? Where’s the federal database that Obama initiated? Is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III the overseer of that list now? Who’s making money? Where does the trail of bloody bread crumbs lead?

US police killings undercounted by half, study using Guardian data finds




LA Times





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