They Think it’s a Game: They Think it’s a Joke (VIDEO)

#DeColonizeLACityHall, a direct political action as occupation by Black Lives Matter-LA (BLMLA), is in it’s 38th consecutive day. Tents went up on July 12th in response to the LA Police Commission announcement that the 2015 police killing of Redel Jones was deemed in policy. Since then it’s been the biggest, most undereported historic local event since Occupy LA took the City Hall grounds for 3 months in 2011.

Just back in town from Brazil, the mayor has covered the windows of his office at City Hall, but BLMLA isn’t going away any time soon. The impromtu action is still holding the space, and though they may be out of sight, it’s safe to say that Garcetti is most definitely loosing sleep over the situation. If he blows it his political sustainability could look like Villaragosa’s after the Charlie Sheen tweet.

nYesterday, the LAPD and a uncharacteristically tidy Department of Sanitation (they’ve pressure washed the plaza at City Hall East more times in the last 3 weeks than the last 3 years) started laying the groundwork for the profunctory pre-evictin narrative. But the BLMLA encampment is squeekly clean. The familiar healthcode violations and bad behavior accuations won’t resonate here. #DecolonizedLACityHall is a well oiled, discipline operation complete with a list local demands focused on firing LAPD chief Charley Beck.


Cops in HAZMAT suits at City Hall East on Monday

Though the BLMLA encampment is clean as whistle, the grounds around the neoclassical/art deco mash-up that is City Hall and City Hall East, home to a community of houseless people, is a well documented toxic zone. The City does not provide bathroom facilities for unhoused humans regardless of thier mental health status.


Black Lives Matter-LA’s TK Flory (a.k.a. Boi TK) raises the vibration

This is not Occupy LA. #DecolonizedLACityHall consists of some 20 tents, 40 people, a food table, some chairs, a library, and a lot of signage. Though not exclusively, BLMLA is driven by women who are creating sacred space at City Hall East.


Cops destroy BLMLA memorials to those killed by LAPD.

“We’re here because the LAPD continues to kill our people,” BLMLA core memeber Melina Abdulla says, “We’ll pack up and go when Beck is fired.”

The LAPD has killed 13 people to date in 2016, leading the nation for 3 years running.

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