Valley of Dawn

I was at Valley of the Dawn in Brazil a few years ago. It’s hard to describe. You kind of have to see it with your own eyes.







It’s a community of mediums about 50 kilometers from Brasília. This is the kind of stuff you only see in Brazil. The mediums are reincarnations of extraterrestrials. It was so hot when I was there I couldn’t believe they were all dressed doing their ritual in the mid day sun. When I arrived they were all there about to begin. They turned and looked me up and down. “Don’t worry,” some lady said to me,”They’re mediums. They’re scanning your blueprint.” Which didn’t worry me at all as I’m from Los Angeles, and compared to some of the stuff going on there, this seemed like a good place to be with some extraterrestrial reincarnate mediums.





The story goes like this:

Conceived by the ex-truck driver andmedium, Tia Neiva (born Neiva Chaves Zelaya–died 1985), it was installed in its present location in 1969. The Valley occupies an area belonging to the government of the Federal District. There are approximately 500 residents, many of whom, according to the official web site, are abandoned children taken in by Tia Neiva. A juridicial entity, called Lar das Crianças de Matildes, was created to give legality to the community. Around the Valley there is a community of approximately 20,000 people, many of whom work or have connections to the Valley.

The Temple of Dawn, built of stone, in the format of an ellipse, with a covered area of about 2,400 square meters. Inside you have the impression you are inside a colored labyrinth with several distinct spaces, each one with its function connected to the spiritual works carried out daily. At the back of the temple there is an enormous statue of Pai Seta Branca, the preColumbian spirit who allegedly began to talk to Tia Neiva in 1957. He is always shown as an attractive Indian, young and muscular, wearing a blue tunic, a long headdress and leather sandals. In his hands there is an arrow.

Nearby there is a complex built in the open air, called Solar dos Médiums or Estrela Candente (Shooting Star). It has artificial waterfalls, a lake in the shape of a star, a radius of 79 meters, lakes, staircases of stone, and grass huts. There are several statues of orixas of the Candomblé religion, like Janaína and Iemanjá.

The Valley has a primary school of more than 200 students, under government control, restaurants, an auto repair shop, and a bookshop specializing in religious and spiritualist works.

The sect, if we can call it such, practices a complex syncretism with elements ofChristianity, Spiritism, mysticism, Afro-Brazilian religions, belief in flying saucers, and ancient Egyptian beliefs.

In the Valley there are two types of people: Mediums and Clients. Between three and four thousand people visit the Valley every day seeking help for their spiritual or personal problems.

The Mediums wear special robes with bright colors. They consider themselves the reincarnation of an extraterrestrial people, “the Equitunas“, who supposedly landed on the Earth 32,000 years ago, and later returned in successive reincarnations in civilizations like the Hittites, the Jonians, the Dorians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Mayans etc. The Equitunas supposedly established themselves in the region of the Andes and are buried in Lake Titicaca, which was formed by a tear of the Shooting Star. According to the cosmology of the followers of the doctrine, Tia Neiva commanded the spiritual mission of this people on the Earth following the orders of the supreme commander, Pai Seta Branca (Father White Arrow), who seems to be an amalgam of several indigenous figures, Incan and American-Indian.