Talk About Misandry! (and make the world a better place)

WHAT!!!! Is this a Misandry meme? You don’t see a lot of these. I though we weren’t supposed to talk about toxic feminity, or at least men aren’t. It means your misogynist, unconscious and ignorant or just whatever, stupid or something. Doesn’t matter, either way you’ll get attacked if you start talking about misandry and toxic femininty. Even if you’re gay, still doesn’t matter, you’re not supposed to talk about toxic feminity and misandry. The first rule of misandry is you don’t talk about misandry. Oh, I’m so confused. Maybe I should just shut up. 

I’m sick of the gag-order on misandry. This post is a throat clearing. I’m an anti-misandry activist because #MisandryIsSeptic. People promoting, emobodying or inacting misandry are nobody’s friend. Misandry is poison, love is the cure. Misandrous or misandristic intention is working with negative energies. #MisandryIsBlackMagic. But let me quote this man, Dr. Deepak Chopra from this cool video interview I did with him where he’s trying to dismantle Wikipedia because people are calling him “woo woo”. He said, “You can’t get rid of a paridigm by attacking it, but you can make it obsolete.”

#MisandryIsSeptic. It’s not making the world a better place. It’s making the world a toxic place. Add a little homophobia to your hateful goulash, simmer for decades, and you’ve cooked up some hate-crime stew. Misandry is poison soup and the only known antidote is love. No way around it.

Watch your feed. #MisandryIsTrending soon. The initial Asia Argento blowback will spew from the Hollywood portal of cognitive dissonance, then spread out exponentially. It’s already in the news feed. After that, watch for the resurgence of the mythopoetic men’s movement; some kind of Robert Bly reboot with a dash of new age resistance. A figurehead will emerge. Simutaniously, Capitalism implodes as a big orange cartoon, women climb out of the sink hole first, take over and decentralize the government. After that, when you think you have seen the unimaginable, the unfathomable, a catastrophic, apocalyptic awakening jolts you into the reality that you need to urgently respond to this link to claim your valuable property at (Subscribe Now!)

Shankar Vedantam is aligned with the movement of misandry into the forefront of the collective awareness with his recent show,Guys, We Have A Problem: How American Masculinity Creates Lonely Men


Since I wrote this post, the Guardian has opened the Fashion Portal, putting misandry on the runway

The pressing question, are we supporting the “victim” or applying a double standard? The answer, yes, we’re not, but the new rules are in play, genie is out of the bottle, cat out of the bag and we’re going to talk about Asia Argenta, misandry and toxic feminity now. 

We’re way past Occupy by now, and these things have a life of their own, so we’re going to have to sit with some uncomfortable feelings if we’re going to work through misandry together (or admit that we’re not who we think we are). If we’re here on earth, and we are not an Avatar (yet), we’re actively propagating misandry through misandristic intent; consciously or unconsciously, we are a legion of misaligned misandrous resolve. Unless of course, we’re consciously confronting it; directly and indirectly.

You could say the same about misogyny, and it would be true, but this post is about misandry and it’s my blog, so…  I get the last word and it isn’t misandry. It’s a poem

A Dirty Matrix (poem)

Out of agreement, the gray-speckled linoleum floor, greasy with dust cemented crevasses, where tile encounters the eternal fact of comatose odium, disharmoniously.

The place where I never fell in love for the first time feels different now and the green glare of florescent light just exacerbates the situation.

Too much time has gone by since a broom or mop has passed this way. This misandrous barge, perminantly bound to it’s hideously lubricious mooring. 

Misandry is samskara of fear (control). Who were you anyway, Fraulein Gretchen Maria Schultz?

Misandry at The Movies!

This was very funny misandry! Seriously ★★★★☆!!! Love it!   

#HerToo? I don’t know and neither do you.

Seems like a nice person caught up in some Hollywood hornet’s nest, but who knows?

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