Radicalized: Recent History

Radicalized has been a journey; a wild ride and a crash course in the fundamentals of independent distribution and self promotion.  After we finished the cut, we we're incredibly lucky to connect to Indie Rights, a small, independent distribution company out of downtown L.A., for some essential lessons in the basics. That segued into the Los Angeles festival premiere opening night at the DFFLA at the Regent theatre, after which we had a very successful theatrical run at Arena Cinema in Hollywood before finding our way into the A&E section of the LA Times, after which they gave us a decidedly lovely review. 12049493_1653570061552603_2347804377323325145_n Since then, we’ve been busy doing special screenings all over the place. We're currently setting up screenings from Munich, Germany to Oakland, CA, Appleton WI, Portland, OR, Vermont and lots more. (*Sign up for updates on RadicalizedMovie.com) Some recent screenings include the following: (*All have been free or fundraising screenings benefiting these groups exclusively.) 12088375_1659947704248172_1385399927928232468_n KPFK Radicalized Screening, North Hollywood. The Topanga Peace Alliance, Topanga, CA. Association of Raza Educators, Orange Co, CA. Orange County Anarchist Book Fair Collective, Fullerton CA. Occupy Los Angeles Four Year Reunion at City Hall, LA, CA. Rose City Underground / The Refuge, Pana, IL. Radicalized is available on all major platforms; Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and most recently Vimeo. 12049659_1656256671283942_1038712290980998739_n FOLLOW US: FaceBook Twitter Instagram YouTube Theatrical Trailer