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The Crystalline Grid

The Crystaline Grid

Meditating with the moon to transform planet Earth.

by Sam Slovick

The planetary grid was a concept that eluded me initially. I heard about it from a woman named Tiara Kumara on a trip to Peru a few years back who is the founding visionary and catalyst for the Planetary Grid Project. Since then, I haven’t stopped thinking about this mystical global group meditation she described. I’m not the only one; thousands have aligned with Kumara’s vision and mission, propelling its momentum.

The Children of the Sun Foundation (COS) is a nonprofit in Sedona, Arizona. COS took the Planetary Grid Project online on September 11, 2007, with an accompanying calendar posted on their website. The project’s intention is to help transform the unified field of world consciousness. It is dynamically propelled by an elaborate planetary energy grid system. Through this project, the Children of the Sun are delivering nothing short of what they call a worldwide call for unification in an effort to help create lasting world peace and unite all people into one family of humanity.

All you have to do is sit down and tune into to thousands of others who are doing it at the same time around the planet on every new and full moon.

The more I wrap my head around the implications and repercussions of this intergalactic healing group endeavor, the less mysterious it seems and the more it reveals itself to be a brilliant strategy for healing the world and beyond.

“This Planetary Grid, also known as the crystalline grid, is a geodesic crystalline matrix,” Kumara tells me. “It’s a highly advanced, multidimensional energy system, which serves as a transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms. This energy field is also referred to as the unity grid and the grid of Christ consciousness and it serves as a spiritual telecommunications system to help people connect and remain connected to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.”

COS believes that by consciously aligning with and connecting to this grid on a collective basis, participants strengthen their ability to receive and transmit pure, divine energy as one synergistic beam of love and transforming power.

“The project addresses some of the biggest questions in quantum physics through a real-life, experiential program joining thousands of people together on a regular basis to enter into and experience a unified field of intelligence,” Kumara says.

The goal is large: global peace and unity and a reduction in the social stress that drives conflict and destructive force. The possibilities are large as well. Kumara’s unshakable commitment is witnessed by the thousands of people on board.

“The Grid Project explores the impact of collective meditation, prayer and intentionality upon the personal and planetary transformation of consciousness. A massive force-field is being created for people to unite in a field of harmonic resonance and pure consciousness.” Kumara says, but I still want to know the nuts and bolts of how it works.

“Recent books and films like The Secret reiterate ancient truths about the power of prayer and intention.” She continues: “When a deep sense of union is experienced at the foundational level of creation, that power is amplified. The Planetary Grid Project inspires people to participate in a worldwide program that reveals the enormous power of unification to achieve for the global community what some say is unimaginable.”

So how exactly do we synchronize our thoughts and heart intentions on to the grid, and help create a unified harmonic frequency that connects our collective? Simple. Find a safe spot on the next new or full moon and tune in (first check the grid meditation calendar at to coordinate with the prearranged time). Set our intentions and hone in. We’ll be in the company of thousands of others of who are tapped into the grid at the same time.

This powerful alchemy can be utilized to affect a plethora of different intentions. Some suggestions from COS include: sending love and healing to others, healing oneself, instantly connecting with others, assisting with personal and planetary transformation, transmitting telepathic communication, developing skills in higher consciousness or embodying absolute knowing.

“Go within your heart and declare it,” Kumara suggests, “Ask your higher intelligence to guide you. Purify your intention in the silence of knowing. Practice meditation and visualization with each and every breath. Connect to the full grounded-ness of your human form. Connect when in group meditation, rituals and ceremonies.”

Kumara tells me that by connecting into the grid consistently I can contribute to a “profound and accelerated impact on our individual process, planet Earth and the mass awakening of humanity. The more our crystalline ‘luminous body’ is developed and activated, the more easily one can connect with this grid of new Earth energy.”

COS has been working on this grid thing for a while. Anything you need to know about this energetic lattice that completely covers the planet in a triangulated geodesic sphere, they already know.

Kumara’s evolved language describing the process is clearly a part of the healing:

“Reflecting and amplifying our ascending levels of consciousness, this crystalline ‘light’ matrix links all of the crystals in the Earth. This elaborate geometric grid was also known to the ancients and is why many of the world’s pyramids, religious sanctuaries and mystical sites coincide with its lines,” she says.

On their website, the COS provides a plethora of information.

As record keepers, crystals hold vast knowledge of the earth and influencing universal forces. They contain codes of light and are programmed with the ascension template for these shifting times. They also are powerful generators of energy as evidenced in our current technological advancements.

It is through this holographic crystalline matrix that the planet’s new spiritual foundation of higher dimensional energy is anchored.

See you on the grid.

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