Sometimes, as a journalist, I get some low- rez adolescent SNARK that’s fun to laugh about over dinner and ultimately fuels the engines that drive traffic to my monetized blog. Sometimes, however, resonating at a higher frequency… there’s unexpected surprise… like this one: I’ve been reproduced in ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) NEWS WEEKLY several times now. The idea that these Vedic scholars… devotees of Prabhupada, would consider anything I’d written worthy of including is amazing to me. Needless to say it’s a decidedly elevating honor.



“My first experience spending time on Skid Row was in 1972 when I stood on street corners chanting Hare Krishna,” Nrsimhananda says. “We used to visit the area once a week and distribute prasadam (spiritual food) to the “less fortunate.” We were outsiders, and so were they. We opted out of the 9-5 rat race; so had they. We slept on the floor; they were asleep on the sidewalk. We liked to get high on chanting the names of God; they had their drug of choice.

read entire article at: ISKON NEWS WEEKLY



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