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I did a story on trans generational poverty  / skid row in L.A. for Good magazine.

I followed up with documentary series as a companion piece to the story called “On Skid Row”. Good exec produced; I wrote, directed, and co produced. It was a great oppertunity to give a national voice to local issue. They employed the Kenneth Cole Awearness blog to promote it… and MySpace featured me as an “Impact Filmmaker” for a month…. so a lot of people saw it. I’m still getting emails about it.

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Welcome to Los Angeles

by Sam Slovick


With one of the country’s most notorious slums sitting within spitting distance of new million-dollar lofts and five-star hotels, Los Angeles is using tough new policing to clean up its worst eyesore. For the children of Skid Row, though, it’s business as usual—finding shelter, trying to stay out of trouble, and most of all, getting out.


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