PAVEMENT: The Gizmo Matrix Jan29


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PAVEMENT: The Gizmo Matrix

The Gizmo Matrix is the first in my new LA Weekly series called PAVEMENT. It’s a print story, video and photo gallery. I met up with Gizmo at the Cage vs Cons event at Hooter on Hollywood Blvd.

Excerpt: “They call me Gizmo, I’m trying to go fuck somebody up,” the man says with the manufactured intensity of someone who has been locked up 10 of his 27 years. He is 5 feet 6, 170 pounds, bald, buff and gangster-tense.

“The devil tickled my feet,” he says, considering his journey. “In a way I was looking to be guided. I was looking for signs or whatever. But I had no idea.

Read the entire story here: PAVEMENT / LA Weekly