Occupy LA’s action across the street from City Hall yesterday was an unassuming endeavor involving vegan chili, some free brochures, a boom box and a lot of hugs. The decidedly peaceful action attended by some 50 people commemorated the 6th anniversary of OWS.

Early afternoon the LAPD showed up with a bad attitude, some shotguns and escalated the situation, ultimately arresting 4 people (one on a felony “lynching charge”) and traumatized all in attendance. Officers employed an unnecessary use of force, clubbing and pushing people on the sidewalk, tackling, handcuffing and arresting young people who were not resisting arrest.

LAPD’s Bruce Borihanh’s unfortunate tone on KPCC’s web page is a window into the sentiment of LA law enforcement with regard to young citizens who take their First Amendment rights to the streets; “[We] wouldn’t even call them protesters. Police arrested one guy for trying to jump over the fence, three others for other things.” He said he didn’t have any more details on the arrests. “There were no help calls, no field forces were required,” said Borihanh. “From a police department standpoint, this was nothing big.

Though the LAPD may consider what happened yesterday “nothing big” the video tape of yesterday’s clash tells a very different story, one of increasing police violence against young people from a department lacking effective leadership and a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Beyond KPCC’s realtime tweets and the post below I haven’t seen any other coverage of this. I emailed the LA Times, LA Weekly editors in real time as the events transpired.