Cops in Van Nuys have surplus of unstructured time and budget to afford 40 cops selectively enforcing sanitation laws at private residences at 5am. WTF!?

At 5:25 am 40 LAPD Officers showed up in riot gear with batons drawn at #FortHernandez, a foreclosure home defense in Van Nuys, California. The actions is part of larger continuing campaign of intimidation launched by law enforcement against a protest protected under the first amendment.

Cops rolled up at dawn in sanitation mode with a UHAUL truck and threatened people with physical violence.

They removed signs, tables, lights, battery chargers, chalk, flyers and other protesting supplies in addition to personal belongings including a collection of family photographs. They also towed a spray painted car associated with the protest.

Police stated that the property line starts 14 ft. from the curb and that the existing barricade needed to be relocated to that line or they would return. Police attempted to enter the property but were refused access. They attempted to take photos through the barricade.

Several adjacent properties in close proximity to the Hernandez home were also in violation of the 14ft rule but were not cited.