The People vs. Brian Tacadena (video)

Brian Tacadena was shot and killed by the Santa Barbara Police on Labor Day. His death offers a window into the growing trend of police violence in the US.

Here’s my piece on Brian for Mission and State

The People vs. Brian Tacadena

Excerpt – Brian Tacadena waited for a bus while the midday sun assaulted the turquoise facade of the San Jose Greyhound station. The station’s Googie-style blue-and-white sign, featuring the eponymous leaping canine, presented an iconic image from an optimistic, mid-century America.

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2 thoughts on “The People vs. Brian Tacadena (video)

  1. I personaly know Brian Tacadena and reading this breaks my heart. SBPD is obviously not here to protect and serve. Why not taze him? Why shoot him 5 times? SBPD says the officer shot five times and only one bullet struck Brian, so did he miss the first 4 times and it took The fith? Whats his excuse for five times?Why was a Patrol car allowed to leave the station without a working camera? Brians past has nothing to do with a cop shooting him didnt have to end this way. Brian I pray you are finally at peace, just know that I love you! V

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