Love & Democracy

Re·form·ist – supporting or advancing gradual reform rather than abolition or revolution.

• Plan A – reform yourself

I’ve never met a reformist who wasn’t white, middle class and educated. Reformism is taught. It’s imprinted on the education system and Betsy Devos isn’t going to erase it.

Look deep inside of your whiteness and you’ll find the colonizer lurking in every cell, every thought and interaction. Seemingly invisible to itself until the veil is lifted. After that, it’s imperative to stay in a place of self-love while you transform your thoughts into the vapor state and it passes through your heart.

It’s a process. You’re coming to terms with who you really are. The realization that everything you have was acquired off the back of poc isn’t a relization. It’s something you already know.

It’s ok. You’re not who you thought you were. There’s still time to heal the past and make a better future.

Domination is the symptom of the disease of democracy. Like cancer, just because you don’t acknowledge it doesn’t mean it’s not eating you alive.

Democracy is the symbol-intensive, brand face of a multinational corporation and nothing more. Brand loyalty is easy for the white people because they benefit; prenatal to post mortem, no questions asked.

The people who are convinced that they can reform the system are the people benifiting.

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