Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series (VIDEO)

An expasion of the work I’ve done in LA Yoga Magazine over the last decade or so, Kirtan Road Dogs is an Original Series by Collective 

A spiritual/visual/musical Original Series that opens a window into the lifestyles and devotional practices of touring sacred-singers. 

It’s also a  Feature Documentary Film set to a backdrop of global music festivals. It’s a back-stage pass to a sound healing and the inner sanctum of deep devotion. Kirtan Road Dogs is rasing the vibration one chant at a time, in this critical time… of limitless possibility

Each episode is a video, photo gallery and story. I’m basically hanging out at load-in, sound check and the gig naviga some time for an interview. I’ve known most of the kirtan singers for over a decade or more, who there Gurus are, what there’re up to and something about the path, so it’s to know where to look for the download.

Here’s Episodes (1, 2 & 3 below) feature Deva Premal, MC Yogi and Jai Uttal

*Up next; Donna DeLory, then the Kirtaniyas!!!

Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series #3 ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA! feat. Jai Uttal

Full Story in LA YogaMagazine

Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series #2 – Spiritual Graffiti feat. MC YOGI 

Full Story in LA YogaMagazine

Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series #1 – Temple at Midnight feat. Deva Premal, Miten & Manose 

Full Story in LA YogaMagazine


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