David Elliott: Reasons For Breathing

Here’s the second in the cure stream viral series from The Cure List / Plant Life Productions in conjunction with L A Yoga Magazine. It features David Elliott. He’s a healer I met from a friend. I sat in one of his workshops in LA. I walked in with a bad attitude and left with an expierantial understanding of the power and possibility of Pranyama Yoga. David Elliott is a powerful practitioner and a writer with two books. I can’t wait to sit with him again.


Written by Sam Slovick (for LA Yoga Magazine April 2010)

The Kyoto Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is a portal today. Braced against the streets of chaos, the Little Toyko-5 star is pressed tightly against the homeless vortex of Skid Row. In a few hours, Reluctant Healer, David Elliott will incite another kind vortex here. A whirling mass of self inflicted healing in a pranayamic workshop.

Neatly dressed in a sweater and jeans, he’s breathing easy in the pristine sanctuary of the rooftop garden. Elliott listens with the detached indifference of a spiritual clinician. He speaks with the calm reserve of a Southerner.

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