Reggie RiverBear – Peace Above Me

Reggie RiverBear singing Peace Above Me. She’s inspired here by Lyrics from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry’s “Peace Prayer” & the Native American Beauty Way Prayer. 

I heard she has a new record coming soon. Baited breath ūüôā 

Find her at River Bear Medicine  Songs and Stories from the Heart of the Universe

Peace Above Me¬†Peace Below Me¬†Peace Before Me¬†Peace Behind Me¬†Peace to my Left¬†Peace to my Right¬†Peace in Me¬†Peace in my Surroundings¬†Peace to All¬†Peace to the Universe¬†Love Above Me¬†Love Below Me¬†Love Before Me¬†Love Behind Me¬†Love to my Left¬†Love to my Right¬†Love in Me¬†Love in my Surroundings¬†Love to All¬†Love to the Universe Light Above Me¬†Light Below Me¬†Light Before Me¬†Light Behind Me¬†Light to my Left¬†Light to my Right¬†Light in Me¬†Light in my Surroundings¬†Light to All¬†Light to the Universe –¬†Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti Om

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