Kirtan Road Dogs: Spiritual Graffiti_feat.MCYOGI [VIDEO]

Here’s episode #2 of Kirtan Roads Dogs Original Series:

SpiritualGraffiti_feat.MCYOGI hosted by LA Yoga Magazine.

Kirtan Road Dogs is an Original Series, and a Feature Documentary slated for release in 2017. Both are expansive spiritual/visual/musical journies that open a window into the lifestyles and devotional practices of today’s top touring sacred singers.

Photo – Esteven Oriol

Recently, CollectiveMedia.LA converged with MC YOGI in Bend, Oregon on his Spiritual Graffiti Book Tour. It was inspiring to say the very least. He taught a 150 + plus yoga class, did a book reading and satsang with partner Amanda (aka 10,000 Buddhas), signed some books, imparted the essence of yoga science and other secrets of  his success. The two have been traveling the world teaching yoga, sharing music and art for years.

You can read the Full Story here at LA Yoga Magazine. In short, the book is great and he’ll be back in the studio soon. In this video shot at Wren and Wild in Bend, you get a sense of why MC YOGI gets so much love.

VIDEO CREDITS – Kirtan Road Dogs video by CollectiveMediaLA
Prod/Shot/Edit by Sam Slovick, Produced by Luis Vargas
Photographs by Estevan Oriol
Additional Footage:
DC Yoga Week video by Surpass Visuals LLC
Yoga Sequence video by MC Yogi
10,000 Buddhas DC photos/video by Surpass Visuals @surpassvisuals
Festival footage courtesy of Pankaj Vashisth
+Ritual Mystical [MC Yogi/East Forest]
Unbroken Devotion
Breathe Deep
KRD theme music – Nitai Gauranga by Kirtaniyas (feat. MC Yogi)
Composed /Produced/Peformed by Kirtaniyas: Nitai “KrsnaBoy” Prem, Vijay Krsna & Sarasvati Dasi
Lyrics by Kirtaniyas & MC Yogi
Nitai Prem –
DJ Drez –
Vijay Krsna –

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