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The Radicalized documentary is a stunning piece of cimena that has been called a “voice of generation film”, and though I’m the one whose been calling it that, who is really better suited to seed the narraitive than a seasoned local journalist turned doc director?

sam slovick at OLA 2011Sam Slovick at OLA 2011

Last week the LA Times did a piece on me and Radicalized in the Arts and Enterainment section with quotes calling me “brilliant” and “visionary”, which are hard to argue with,  and there’s a lot more press in the pileline. Clearly now is the time to continue to influence the narrative by dropping more blurbology into the feed.

I offer; Radicalized is “A cinematic endeavor not seen since Wexler’s Medium Cool”, and “Not since Wadleigh’s Woodstock have we had a documentary film that is a comprehensive socio-polotical historical document of this magnititude.”

Radicalized theatrical trailer

Raicalized premiere’s at the Arena Cinema on the 18th, with a week long run from the 19th throught the 25th.

Here’s my Huff Po blog on Radicalized —  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-slovick/radicalized_b_8140436.html