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The Radicalized documentary is a stunning piece of cimena that has been called a “voice of generation film”, and though I’m the one who has been calling it that, who is really better suited to seed the narraitive than a seasoned local journalist turned doc director?

Last week the LA Times did a piece on me and Radicalized in the Arts and Enterainment section with quotes calling me “brilliant” and “visionary”, which are hard to argue with.

Clearly now is the time to continue to influence the narrative by dropping more creative blurbology into the feed. 

I offer; Radicalized is “A cinematic endeavor not seen since Wexler’s Medium Cool”, and “Not since Wadleigh’s Woodstock have we had a documentary film that is a comprehensive socio-polotical historical document of this magnititude.”

Radicalized theatrical trailer

Raicalized premiere’s at the Arena Cinema on the 18th, with a week long run from the 19th throught the 25th.

Here’s my Huff Po blog on Radicalized —  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-slovick/radicalized_b_8140436.html


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