Voice of Womyn (VIDEO)

Voice of Womyn is a feature documentary film project and co-created initiative that gathers, curates and propagates Feminine Wisdom gleaned from powerful wise women around the world to everyone, everywhere.

I shot some of this in India, Bali, Hawaii, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taipei and LA. If I thought is was relevant globally then, I think it’s imperative in the US now. 

The journey of Voice of Womyn is involution. It’s internal, ascending, personal… spiritual. It’s integrating Feminie Wisdom by exposure and immersion. A direct download, we are enlightened and uplifted by osmossis, the imprint provides a mirror, the possibility of introspection and the opportunity to take these concepts out of the mystical realm and into daily life, as a practice. How am I living and what can I glean from this knowlege to apply to my microsmic expression of the Universe (me) to make the world a better place? That’s what this movie is about. 

If my consciousness is immersed in love, forgiveness, tolerance, inclusion, resistance, acceptance, in Feminie Wisdom, there’s no room for dominance. It’s physics

Of all the subjects, the wise women in this sizzle reel, Sabra Kauka left a deep impression. A former photo journalist who walked away from a very successful career at the top of her game to return to Hawaii and teach children, emerging as a community leader, Sabra Kauka is Aloha. She’s Ahimsa and Shakti. She is the essence of what this film is about; wise women in the world today.


An a critical time… of limitless possibility VOW is transforming a troubled world with the power of Feminine Wisdom.

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