The Last Caravan (LAMag)

Here’s my story about the two teens murdered in Tijuana last December for Los Angeles Magazine, It’s about human rights violations at the US/Mexico Border and how far we’ve sunk.

I went to Mexico to meet the caravan to livstream for HappsNews. I told them people where going to die at the border when the busses got there.

Navahoa 2018

What emerged was the new blueprint for opression. Dehumanizing, dangerous and deadly, machista politics instigated human rights violation in Tijuana setting the bar to a new low in the treatment of refugees.

Navahoa 2018

People with small children in the streets without food, running water and other basic essentials, some were trafficked in plain view of cops and news crews. The exposure was ultimately deadly for some.

One hour to TJ
Love on the bus

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