Caravan Update – Tijuana

Remember the last time you traveled 3,000 miles from your home with your children and no money into an uncertain future? You slept on the street. You were exhausted, sick, tired and at the mercy of others for food, water and clothing? When you finally arrived at yur destination, your heart was full of the possibility of a better life. You don’t. Neither do I.

The people from the caravan are in a human rights crisis in Tijuana. They have been and are sleeping in the street in Tijuana. “Law enforcement” looks on as they get preyed upon by local gangsters and other predators from Tijuana.

Some have been herded into a warehouse where a lot of people I know wouldn’t park their Prius. It was paid for by a senator and facilitated by a church. It seems to be designed to further dehumanize them because it was.  Another shelter, El Barretal is 40 miles from the city and far from the others in the caravan, is a cluster fuck of moneyed NGO’s who administer massive funds and are doing little but justifying paying themselves and hosting a dog and pony show for the government. The people there sleep on the ground. The concrete. 

The people of Tijuana are not going to rise up and demand that their government take care of these people. The American government won’t help even though they are directly responsible for every bit of the suffering. 

That said, people are coming daily with donations, helping who they can in what every way they can.

There are women, some pregnant, children, babies, teens, men and here. People with bad intention have infested the camp and operate with impunity. The cops are watch. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots from US interventionism of the 70’s and today to this diaspora. This is Regan, Friedman, Nixon, Trump and it’s a humanitarian crisis happening at the US border now.

If you are American… white and American and want to do something about it, now is a good time. But lets face it, you don’t or you already would have. 

People have died. More people will die. People have been and will be trafficked. People have disappeared. 

Tijuana is just a couple hours from LA. Spending time with the people from the caravan is a beautiful thing. 

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